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“Sorrow” by Van Gogh via Wikicommons No one ever knows what to say. “I’m sorry.” “You’ll be okay.” “Hang in there.” Yeah, thanks. “You’re one of the strong ones.” “You can beat this.” “I know just how you feel.” Gack! … Continue reading

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Outside the Boxes

I sit among images and belongings of dead loved ones and missing friends, of younger selves with ambitious dreams and untainted hopes and I prepare to feel the predictable flood of emotions: a cocktail of grief and longing, sorrow and not a little rage at what was not achieved, not finished, not retained, lost forever, goddamn it. It never comes. Continue reading

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The Phony Widow

Joyce Carol Oates’ new book, “A Widow’s Story,” makes me wonder. The writer in me asks: how did there come to be a subset of memoir about spousal loss?” The widow in me asks: “Am I doing this right?” Continue reading

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