Ten years ago and half again

History witnessed…

Oh never mind

We find a generation almost grown since then

Remembers nothing of that September morning

The arcing flames reduced to ash

The rubble swept away

Consigned to history’s trash bin

Gone the faces of course

Replaced by faded shadows

Dancing on the edge of memory just out of reach

As if they have something left to teach us

No idea what that would be

No matter

It seems those pesky recollections

Now reside in restless dreams

Naturally the symbolism of the dead

Resilience, courage, love

Instead became a propaganda tool

A tug of war between a changing cast of fools

Which means the deaths are meant to represent

A single moment’s goodwill

Quickly spent

Out of pocket out of mind

God and Christ and Universe

It hurts!

Not his absence

That’s a curse I’ve learned to live with

What makes my heart ache fills a bigger screen

The mean and bilious rancor we’ve allowed to spread

The fear-backed hate

The endless dread

What purpose served

What noble end

And don’t pretend purveyors of division

Will offer us protection

It’s all misdirection

Built for glory

Meant for gain

How dare they commandeer our pain to suit their pleasure

We know what’s gone

We won’t forget

And neither will we let the legacy of all those deaths be hate

That’s not the fate we will to future selves

The past as prologue

But what will be does not need match what has been

We hold our tattered hope up to the light

We do not let the ugly win

World TRade Center light towers


About Nikki

Author of non-fiction books HOPE IN SMALL DOSES and BECAUSE I SAY SO as well as numerous published essays. Her new novel, THE FORMER ASSASSIN, is due out January 2018.
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30 Responses to Reflection

  1. Jayne Rose Miller says:

    You are eloquent with inspiring turn of phrase! I am,so glad that Martha shares your insightful writings with me. Sending gratitude.

  2. Roy Jimenez says:

    I know no-one more courageous, more graceful, admire you as artist, thinker, human being, avatar of hard-won peace

  3. Chris Kojm says:

    Powerful and eloquent. My thoughts are with you.

  4. ella says:

    Nikki, you are a special woman!

  5. Ruth Boulter says:

    Your courage and love continue. You are an inspiring writer and human being. Thank you.

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