Tick Tick Tick

The end of days was not to be
We’re happy to relate
The winter storms we’ve yet to see
Perhaps this year we’ll skate
O’er fiscal cliffs we may not fall
As twenty-twelve winds down
Or even if we hit a wall
We’ll turn our luck around
We’ll ask more of ourselves, and yes
We’ll ask of others, too
Be wiser, kinder, be the best
The rest is up to you
With small regrets and fewer tears
We’ll let the old year pass
And toss our bundled hopes and fear
Through New Year’s looking glass

About Nikki

Author of non-fiction books HOPE IN SMALL DOSES and BECAUSE I SAY SO as well as numerous published essays. Her new novel, THE FORMER ASSASSIN, is due out January 2018.
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5 Responses to Tick Tick Tick

  1. GabbyAbby says:

    Thanks, and a very prosperous and healthy 2013 to you Nikki.

  2. dede nini says:

    Thanks Nikki for your New Year’s wishes, so aptly phrased……The end each Good Morning show with a question….”what did we learn?” ……and what is depressing about 2012, is that I would find it heard to answer that question meaningfully……
    But, being one of the “eternal optimists”…..I gotta, wanna believe that we must have learned something worth building on……….right?
    xxx’s, dd

  3. Matt Paust says:

    Cheers, Nikki!

  4. AJ Calhoun says:

    Love this. May we all lean forward into the future, clutching close to us the good we gained and tossing over our shoulders, without a backward glance, the poisons and the junk. If we don’t turn around we may just get somewhere. It is, indeed, up to us. Thanks for this.

  5. Joan Bartl says:

    Nice. Thanks for sharing such wise thoughts. Happy New Year All.

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