This Week in Cray-Cray

Dominic-Strauss-KahnDominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the International Monetary Fund has been acquitted of aggravated pimping charges stemming from accusations he organized lavish orgies with a network of friends and prostitutes. In 2011, he was acquitted of sexual assault of a housekeeper in a posh New York hotel. The acquittals, widely expected, have produced most shrugs among members of French society. While the charges have quashed his chances at a political career, Strauss-Kahn appears poised to successfully resume his professional career as an investment banker. #rehabilitationalafrançais

Pastor-Stephen AndersonAn Arizona preacher is apparently praying for God to rip out the heart of transgendered celebrity Caitlyn Jenner. He also claims to hold in his heart a “perfect hatred” for Ms. Jenner, prompting some to wonder what an “imperfect” hatred might look like. #whatwouldJesusdo


myanmar_flag_pictureThe government of Myanmar, reacting to an international outcry, has agreed to put a stop to the mass exodus by the Rohingya, a group of ethnic Muslims within its borders. The dangerous and illegal smuggling trade has proved devastating to the region, resulting in overwhelmed neighboring countries and death and deprivation for the emigrants. At the same time, officials refuse to address issues of widespread persecution or even recognize the Rohingya as being legitimate citizens. #thisisnotdemocracy



Texas #becauseTexas




Jerry-SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld, among several comedians, expressed his concern expressed his concern that political correctness and hyper-sensitivity may be ruining comedy by inhibiting comedians. His comments inspired a hyper-sensitive politically correct social media backlash. #weallneedachillpill



There are, at latest (but not last) count, some 366 people who have filed the paperwork necessary to run for President of the United States. Eight percent of them are expecting/hoping to appear in the Republican primary debates in August. #thisisdemocracy

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3 Responses to This Week in Cray-Cray


    Hi, Nikki! Perfect hatred. Sigh.

  2. Greg Correll says:

    I want—no, I NEED to see hundreds of Republicans arguing on a well-lit stage. Just imagine. Whole chorals of open-carry cowboys, vast mosh pits of birthers, clown cars of economic apocalyptics, 1%ers trickling on everyone, creationist candidates flooding the stage and theocrats parting them. Epic!

  3. Richard Brown says:

    “This Week in Cray-Cray” could easily be a daily report.

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