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Death Live

Death is inevitable, yet humans seem hard-wired to hurry it along. Continue reading

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Quel Difference!

Rumors have been flying that both France President Nicholas Sarkozy and his wife, singer/model Carla Bruni, have strayed. By American standards, things are pretty far along: Bruni is said to have fallen in love and moved in with popular French singer … Continue reading

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Post-Presidential Parsing

The day after the evening of the DAY, I woke up feeling a little surreal. I knew something momentous had happened that had captured everyone’s attentive, something neither horrific, like 9/11, terrible, like the financial meltdown (though that comtinues) not strange and superficial, like Susan Lucci’s weird goodbye speech on “Dancing with the Stars”. Apparently, we’d elected a young, thin, African-American person with a young, attractive family to be President of the United States… Continue reading

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