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Diminshed Expectations

‘Tis a new year of diminished expectations which means technically, I don’t even need to make any resolutions for 2009. No one really expects me to keep them. In fact, no one seems to expect anything of me, or themselves or anyone else – except if your initials are BHO, in which case you are expected to save the world, save us from ourselves and stop smoking. No extra credit for those six-pack abs, buddy and sorry but last November is so last year. Continue reading

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Still Here

When I woke up this morning, I noticed I had the usual aches and pains, along with arms, legs, a head, a torso – in short, a corporal presence. This indicated to me that I had not been swept into a … Continue reading

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Damn! January is almost gone and I haven’t come up with any grand schemes for making this year bigger, better, more exciting, inspirational, transformational, something.  I’d like to see some major changes in my career and (god knows) my social … Continue reading

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