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A Stronger Cup of Tea

Forget writers and generals; meet a selfless heroine who made a difference in Afghanistan.

Active Gratitude

Giving thanks can also include giving back.


Conflict Irresolution

As long as Israelis and Palestinians choose recrimination over of resolution, nothing will change.

Death and Life: A Tale of Two Parks

Occupy Wall Street  lived for a time in a park next to the 9/11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan, providing two very different experiences.

Good Bless America

A true patriot will celebrate an inclusive and tolerant America.



All opinions are not created equal and most don’t need to go public.


Is Stupid the New Black?

When did it become fashionable to reject facts and willfully embrace ignorance?

Late August

An ode to summer’s end.


On Not Writing About Death

Thinking about death has taught me quite a bit about life.


Simmering Questions
jam jar

Forget today’s burning issues; let’s get down to lesser matters.