Hope in Small Doses

What is hope? Is it instinctive or learned? Is hope necessary and will it make us happy?

hopebcArmed with questions, author Nikki Stern shares her with us her search for a version of hope suited to our modern times. How do we combine hope with uncertainty? With doubt? With unpredictability? Combining research and reflection, she discovers a version of hope that flourishes without guarantees but thrives on endless possibilities.

By turns feisty, thoughtful and deeply moving, Hope in Small Doses offers a positively workable blueprint for a pleasurable life. It’s a welcome counterpoint to the cult of cynicism, practical, good-natured, and ultimately uplifting. With original photography by Cherie Seibert.

Hope is available as an ebook in the following versions:

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Hope live!

Stay tuned for upcoming appearances.

Hope on the radio!

Excerpt from the interview between Nikki and Reverend Barry Lynn, host of “Culture Shocks” and executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

To hear the entire 1 hour interview, click here.

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in review!

good-reads“[Hope in Small Doses] is an adult book for adults, by a writer of clean prose who knows, really knows how to make a case and illustrate ideas. [Nikki] convinces by strength of gentle arguments and credible visions, because she is just like us.”

Read the entire review here.


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Hope in Small Doses makes for an interesting read with a philosophical bent that will leave readers thinking long after turning the last page.”

Read the entire review here.


Hope goes to Sweden!
We were thrilled to find that one of the videos we created for Hope in Small Doses was picked up from YouTube to make its way onto a Swedish blog. Let’s hear it for humanist, hopeful Swedes! To see the blog page, click here.

Hope on YouTube!
It’s not talking oranges, singing birds or biting babies. But we’ve got a couple of videos on YouTube you’re going to like.

Hope excerpts now available:
We don’t want to give too much away, but we have a couple of excerpts up for you to read. Click here.

3 Responses to Hope in Small Doses

  1. das says:

    A must read for anyone trying to reconcile hope and uncertainty. Stern makes no outlandish promises, but she does suggest that hope, even without a guaranteed outcome, is worth the effort.
    I believe her.

    • Steve Schlicht says:

      Hope, even without a guaranteed outcome, is worth the effort because without it the alternative outcome of complete loss to despair is guaranteed.

      As a veteran peace officer, violent crimes investigator, community service volunteer and first responder before, during and after hurricane Katrina, having been raised along the gulf coast from New Orleans to Biloxi, I have empirical evidence that hope, even in small doses, is the right medicine.

      It heals and it provides for human empathy, deep abiding selfless and unconditional love, and it not only helps us endure through our tragedies…it is the foundation upon which we ultimately prevail over them as a human family.

      Thank you, Nikki Stern, your experiences and insight are very much appreciated.


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